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Regie as a foal

Jellybean and Conway


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For Sale - Susie

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For Sale: Regie

More Pics of Susie

Even more pics of Susie. :-)

Pictures of Joy, Susie, and Jules' feet

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In this first paragraph, I should introduce myself, I am horse crazy....
I'm Waiting.... I'm Waiting....
This is Dancer. He's waiting for his morning silflayrah. (Don't know what silflay/silflayrah is??? Read the book "Watership Down"!!!)
Please visit my Photo Page for more pics of all my horses!!!!!

4-H -- The American Way!
There are sooooo many opportunities available with your local 4-H club. We're part of the Horse Club in Neshoba County, Mississippi. We're involved in horse Team Presentations, showing our horses english and western, barrel racing, hoping to do some beginner roping, and also we do the fashion show and are starting some poster art this summer for the county fair.
4-H is a great way to learn responsibility, to grow mentally as well as emotionally, and you can also earn $$$$$ for college or just for the ole' pocket book!!!
Contact your local county agent today!!!!!!!

Jules - 2yo Quarter Horse

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